about the.black.sheep

the.black.sheep is a blog about food and all other things. It was started by Daniel and Victor in December 2015. We intend to use it to post our favourite recipes, thoughts about food, drink, life and everything in between.

D and V met while studying at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge. D, a Canadian, is a recent MPhil in Technology Policy graduate and self-described ‘science, technology and innovation policy nerd’. D is also a beer nerd and has plans to set up a microbrewery. You can follow him on Twitter @policydan. V, an Australian, is currently reading law and criminology at Cambridge and graduates in June 2016. He procrastinates by thinking about food, particularly burgers. V has Twitter, which he doesn’t use, but you can follow him anyway @dogatemyhwk. V is particularly proud of this username.

D and V intend to open a burger bar and cafe at some point, probably in Sydney, Australia. It will be called the.black.sheep and there will be beer, burgers and maybe other things. Banter will be compulsory.

D (left) and V (right)

P.S. We’d love to hear from you! Follow the blog, like our posts and comment. If you want to get in touch, contact us at theblacksheepcambridge@gmail.com


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