Scrambled Eggs

The humble scrambled egg is one of my favourite things to eat. There are so many variations too. My grandmother used to make it in a pan with butter and the egg whisked with a little milk. The result was large curds of fluffy but substantial egg, almost like those found in an American diner.

My version of scrambled egg is different. You don’t need to whisk the eggs first and you don’t need milk. Use a small pot and a wooden spoon. The key is to keep on stirring and moving the eggs around while cooking. And don’t let your stove control you – by constantly removing the pot from the stove, you can control its temperature and the speed at which the eggs cook. The result will be the most luxurious, delicate, smooth and creamy eggs. Once you’ve mastered this recipe, there are so many things you can do with it. Think scrambled eggs straight on toasted sourdough for breakfast (or as a midnight snack in minutes) through to putting it on toasted brioche with smoked salmon, dill and a rocket, tomato and balsamic side salad for brunch.

Use the freshest happiest eggs you can, like free range.


2 or 3 large eggs per person

a knob of butter


1. Crack eggs into a small pot and add the butter. There is no need to whisk, leave the eggs whole. Transfer the pot onto a stove set at medium to high heat.

2. Using a wooden spoon, stir the eggs and butter. Keep stirring, this is important.

3. After a few minutes, you’ll notice that the eggs and butter have combined and that the heat is beginning to cook the eggs. Keep stirring! Control the speed at which the eggs cook by occasionally taking the pot off the stove while stirring, allowing the residual heat to do the cooking. Be sure to scrape the bottom of the pot to clean up the delicate curds of egg as they form.

4. Once the eggs are nearly cooked but still wet, remove the pot from the heat. This prevents the eggs from overcooking as it continues to cook in the pot’s residual heat. Season to taste with pepper. If you used salted butter, then only a little extra salt will be needed.

5. To serve, simply spoon onto toasted sourdough. There’s no need to butter the bread as the eggs should be buttery enough.

This is the consistency I like my scrambled eggs.


After seasoning with salt and pepper, stir in some finely chopped chives or spring onion for a more sophisticated scrambled egg. A tablespoon of pouring cream or crème fraîche can also be stirred through for a richer, creamier version.


– V



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